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  • Swiss Space Implementation Plan

    Am 10. Dezember 2013 verabschiedete der Bundesrat den Swiss Space Implementation Plan, welcher die Schweizer Weltraumpolitik für die Jahre 2013-2023 konkretisiert. 

    Aus dem Executive Summary des SSIP:

    "The SSIP will contribute to strengthen an innovative and competitive Swiss space sector and will encourage the use of space-based services and applications by public and private actors. The national focal areas of technology, science & exploration, space transportation and applications are confirmed. In addition, the emerging themes “small satellites” and “miniaturization” are addressed. Finally, four measures, which will be implemented within the current ERI funding instruments, namely the Swiss participation to the activities and programmes of the European Space Agency and the National Complementary Activities, are presented. These measures are: business incubation, internationalization and export, public-private partnerships and integrated applications push."